History of awarded prize

  designer yoshie ogasawara

1995   HIko-mizuno college of jewelry

            Graduation work first prize


1995   platinum designof the year

           finalists for students'proposals


1998   Japan jewelry show 98

            Platinum Guild International prize


2012   Japan jewelry design competition

            selected Works


2013   Itoigawa Jadeite design contest

            commercial and industrial partnerships prize








Our designer is awarded in many design competitions. In order to aim at improvement in a design, it is required to produce a design .
Therefore, we are going to continue send in a design competition.



Our Story

It will be jewelry section establishment in 1984.
It aimed at offering the jewelry according to a customer's request in the beginning.
It was dealing with repair of the broken jewelry, or the reformation of goods no longer using.
We began the proposal of the original design in 2010.
The design which uses the traditional technique in the jewelry and Japan using new technology with it is announced.



Our Vision

The technology which only Japan can do is used and it sends towards the world.

For example, the jewelry using Japanese lacquer, the ring using excavation technology of Japan